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13 Tips To Take Care Of Your Colored Hair

take care of your colored hair

A lot of people colour their hair nowadays, from streaking with bright reds or highlighting them with blonde or a full coverage to make a style statement, or sometimes just to cover those embarrassing greys. And for these, there are numerous hair colouring options available in the market.

But unfortunately all of them contain Ammonia, a chemical bleaching agent,  which is responsible for making the hair dry and brittle

Ammonia is important in hair colour styles as helps in the absorption of the colour molecules by the cortex of the hair. But this in turn absorbs all the moisture from the hair.

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colored hairSo now take a look at some of pre and post colouring tips to help prevent damage to your hair , which in turn helps in easy maintenance.


                         Colouring Tips

  • Keep your hair healthy before colouring them, which means no chemical treatment at least 3-4 weeks before you colour your hair.
  • Get a proper hair cut or trim, so that your hair is manageable and you do not have any split ends.
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  • Deep condition your hair to boost proper strength and volume. Mix egg, banana and yoghurt in equal quantities. Apply this pack on your hair and keep it for an hour. Rinse off with a mild shampoo. This is an excellent home remedy for smooth and soft tresses and will condition them well.
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  • Wash and condition your hair properly just before colouring, as colour will not set on a greasy scalp.
  • Always do a patch test if you are colouring your hair at home. This will ensure that you are not allergic to that product. And if there is any reaction, then change the brand.
  • If possible, then always go to a salon or a get a stylist to colour your hair as they know the best techniques to do so. Professional help is always better rather than doing it at home alone.


                        Post colouring tips

  • After colouring your hair, always remember to wash your hair with the special “colour protecting” shampoo. This specially created shampoo will not wash away the colour and will help the colour molecules to set in better.
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  • A good conditioner is very important to maintain the moisture balance in your hair. Since your hair has been treated with chemicals like ammonia, therefore always use a “colour protecting conditioner”. This will nourish it and provide its natural shine and lustre.
  • Go back to the old and famous condition method of using hot oils. Use olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil to deep condition your hair.
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  • Use a hair mask at least once a week (protein mask) to replenish the hair, preferably a homemade protein hair mask. A banana and honey mask or egg and mayo mask will suit you the best.
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  • It is advisable to use a leave-in conditioner. This would make your hair more manageable and also protect it the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Avoid the use of blow dryer and let your hair dry naturally. If you have to use, then switch to cool setting to dry your hair.

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  • Chlorine is very harmful for coloured hair. It can alter the actual colour of your hair. So avoid setting into the pool just after colouring your hair. And if you do, always wear a swimming cap before you step in.
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Coloured hair makes you look glamorous and stylish, take care of it and it will make you look chic.
Till then take care.

Keep it stylish!!!!!

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