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Many a times, it becomes very difficult to style and maintain long hair. And we are easily bored by braids and buns which is what a majority of Indian women sport. So how about taking that extra burden off your head and try a few bob haircuts. For those who love short hair, these bob cut hairstyles are a heaven sent; and for those who are new to it – welcome on board as you have just taken the first step to sporting a stylish new hairstyle. Bob haircuts have been popular from a long time in the west. They have made a comeback with modern day bob hairstyles. These hairstyles are completely in vogue and can easily make one look stylish.
So impressed already? Or are you still doubtful about it? In any case, we have many bob cut hairstyles for you to view and compare. We are sure that you will find just the right one from our carefully selected list of bob cuts. So the next time when you are ready to take a plunge to try out short hairstyles, don’t forget to try out the Bob.  

  Bob Hairstyles 2013
Bobs have always been quite the hot favourite among celebrities and runway stars! We have seen lots of celebs in recent times sporting different forms of bob cut hairstyles. Sometimes Gwyneth Paltrow sports a sleek look where as Jennifer Aniston gives that look a twist of the comb into a zigzag parting. Rose Byrne is also seen to play with the way her bob looks from time to time. Sometimes she sports a normal bob while sometimes she plays it up with a side sectioning.
Curls are also now incorporated into bob hairstyles. So they are not that traditionally tasteless either. So if you are not feeling like going for conservative bob culture, add a twist in the tale. To further help you decide on the different bob hairstyles which can make you look worth a million dollars, we are putting forward our selected 10 best of the best Bob hairstyles sported by our favourite celebs.Take a closer look, choose a style and sport it today!

             Most Popular Bob Hairstyles 2013

 Rose Byrne’s Parted Blunt End Bob:

This side parted Bob look with some blunt ends and front blunt fringes can be a hot party hairstyle. Team it up like she does, with heavy long earrings.

Parted Blunt End Bob hairstyle  1


Ashley Simpson’s Graduated Bob:

This graduated bob hairstyle can be the talk of the town. Boyish yet quite flamboyant. Try this on and grab all the compliments.

chin length hair


 Frankie Sandford’s Cute Feather Pixie:

This cute pixie haircut can be a show of a million dollars. You just need to be confident enough to carry it.
frankie sandford 2012

 Scarlett Johansson‘s Asymmetrical Choppy Bob Cut:

You don’t need to be the Black Widow of The Avengers to sport this cool look. You just need to be daring enough to sport it.

scarlett johansson bob haircut

 Katie Holme’s Bob:

This is cute and the perfect traditional bob cut. If you are a perfectionist and don’t like experiments, go for this one. This has been a hot favourtie for years now and the trends say it will remain amongst the most favoured of bob hairstyles 2013.

short bob hairstyles 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow’s sleek choppy Neck Length Bob:

Not a fan of jazzed up bobs? Try this sleek choppy bob look which gives you length and style both.

long bob hairstyles

Victoria Beckham’s Graduated Choppy Bob:
She is known for her sophisticated styles. Here she sports a choppy bob which looks rather smart and trendy is one of the most popular bob hairstyles ever. Get this look where sections of hair are chopped off in a graduated way from short at the rear to long at the front.

Bobs are definitely not a new trend!  However, they are widely popular because they can be made to look real sexy with some loose curls here and there. So we handpicked 10 of the best curly Bob hairstyles to help you choose the right one which you can carry with ease.


10 Curly Bob Hairstyles To Inspire You

Style 1: Side Swept bang and Loose Curls

Rihanna is known for her trendy hairstyles. Here she sports one of the many bob haircuts which has a simple side swept bang with a touch of loose big curls at the ends. Is this not just fabulous?

curly hairstyles 2012

Style 2: Short Cropped Messy Curls Bob Hairstyle

If you hate maintaining long bobs and are blessed with thick hair, then give this messy curly bob a try. This is definitely one of the curly hair styles to try!

short curly hairstyle

Style 3: Asymmetrical Curly bangs and short cropped back

It’s Rihanna again, and this time she sports another version of the so called curly bob hairstyle. It has short cropped back but lengthy bangs which have been curled up and left loose. Trendy and totally in style!

rihanna hair curly bob

Style 4: Front Bangs and Messy Curls

For this look you need a long bob hair cut with front short bangs. Give some curls and mess it all up for this messy hairstyles curly look.

curly hairstyle

Style 5: Big End Curls Bob Hairstyle

Big Barrel iron end curls set with some strong hold hairspray are all you need for this Bob hairstyle.

1950s hairstyles

Style 6: Messy Curly Bob

Charlise Theron’s Messy curly Bob is just a curling iron away. You can curl up your tresses and then loosen them with your finger tips. Don’t forget to use the finishing spray to hold them in their wavy curly form.

bob wavy hairstyles

Style 7: Short bob hairstyle with big curls and Front small bangs 

A simple and easy to achieve and maintain look. You just need a good bob haircut but do not forget your big curling iron.

short bob curled

Style 8: Short Cropped back with front Side Parted Curly Bangs

This is a rocking hairstyle. If you got thick hair and a good hairstylist, then you can definitely try this one on.

hairstyles book

Style 9: Asymmetrical Layers, Side Swept Bang and Messy Curls

Looking for that jazzed up look? Try this on. It has all the elements yet is in keeping with the bob hairstyle. A dash of red can make it reach new heights.

mid length curly hairstyles

Style 10: Short Cropped Curly Bob

This is a great look if you like short cropped boyish style for a bob. Big side bang hairstyles gives it a total glamorous touch. Some huge curls along with it are a must for this look to rock.

hair style uk

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